Rental Of Facility

We now only accept payment online via Paypal. 

Rental of the Leicester Community Center is $125.
You must request an invoice via email and make the payment within 7 days, if payment is not received within 7 days the date will be considered open and available to rent to another party.

You must give us a 30 day notice of a cancellation, if you cancel within the 30 day window your rental fee will not be refunded. In the winter months if inclement weather causes us to not be able to open the center for you your rental fee will be refunded, if we can open but you choose to cancel you may request a refund and those request will be handled on a case by case basis.
A rental consist of a full day from as early as 6am to 10pm. You will be contacted the week before your rental to arrange a time for us to meet you, We will meet you on the day of your rental to open for you, once the center is open someone will need to stay at the center until you lock up at the end of your event. If your event requires additional openings there is a $50 charge per opening and these must be approved in advance. Your rental consist of everything under roof, including the porch area. If you have a problem with other parties using the porch, or any other disruptions you may experience during your event call the Buncombe County Sheriff Department at 255-5555. They have jurisdiction over this property.

The Leicester Community Center Board reserved the right to refuse rental to anyone.

The applicant hereby agrees and undertakes to save and hold harmless the Leicester Community Center inc. from any and all claims for damages to personal property and/or bodily injury that may arise out of the use of this facility and grounds, without regard to weather the damage and/or injury was caused by the negligence of the applicant, The Leicester Community Center Inc., or any other person, organization, firm, or corporation.

The applicant signing below accepts all the rules and regulations on the reverse of this form, and are the responsible party should any of these rules be broken resulting to damage to the Leicester Community Center or grounds.

Thank you for using the Leicester Community Center. Our center is one of the few community centers that are not owned by the county, but owned by the community. We are solely funded by rental fees and donations from the community.

We will post a message on the sign for 1 week prior to your event for a $25 charge.

 Rules and Regulations

Absolutely no alcoholic beverages or use of illegal drugs are permitted in the facility or on the grounds of the Leicester Community Center. If we find that this rule is broken there will be no future rentals to the party.
Please remove all food and personal items from the facility. Please don’t leave anything in the refrigerator.
Please take your garbage to the dumpster provided, located in the parking lot. Please lock the dumpster before you leave.
Do not allow anyone to sit on the tables. When you leave make sure all tables and chairs are put back in their respective locations.
We do not have a cleaning service. The Community Center must be left clean when you leave. Floors must be swept and mopped after every rental. Please make sure to clean the restrooms and kitchen. If the center is left without being cleaned there will be a $50 charge, if this fee is not paid there will be no future rentals to the party.
The playground is open to the public during your rental, however you are welcome to use it. Please supervise children while they are enjoying the playground. The Leicester Community Center is not responsible for injury that may happen.
No items may be removed from the walls of the center for any reason and nothing may be moved from it’s location. This includes the piano.
No loud music, please be respectful of our neighbors. Curfew is 10pm, no one is allowed on the Community Center property from 10pm - 5am. This is enforced by the Sheriff Dept
Do Not put tape, staples, post-it-notes, thumb tacts or any other adhesive items to the walls, ceiling, tables, fans, or any other item belonging to the community center.
When you prepare to leave the community center make sure all doors are locked.